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Rooftop Proposal in the Heart of Minneapolis

Planning & design: Lollipop Media

Photo & Video: Lollipop Media

I never would have thought that a phone conversation with my insurance company would lead my agent to refer Toby, lead singer of Backroad Anthem, to Ricky and I for his planned surprise Minneapolis proposal to Azonni - but life is like that, doors you didn't even know existed can open up, and all it takes is simply being yourself, having a conversation with someone, and being kind. But I digress.

Toby had already proposed to Azonni two months prior, but the excitement of the occasion was quickly stolen away when some family health issues arose. Unable to truly soak in their engagement, Toby felt that he needed to repropose to Azonni. He felt that she deserved it (so sweeeeet!). With his 7 year old daughter coming to town to visit him, Toby planned to make his daughter a part of the surprise. So we settled on a location in the heart of Minneapolis, a parking ramp rooftop close to the US Bank Stadium.

I purchased some flowers, set up decor and we patiently waited for Toby, his daughter, and Azonni to walk up the ramp. Mind you, Azonni was blindfolded so she couldn't see a thing, and it was BITTER COLD out! The forecast for the days leading up to the date were sunny, warm and simply perfect for a proposal. But no, we got stuck with a windy, cold day grrrr!! However, I don't think you'd be able to tell from the photos below, nor did it matter once the blindfold came off - Azonni was shocked and of course, enthusiastically said yes.

Minneapolis proposal photographer

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