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This wedding doesn't contain glorious amounts of floral installations or luxurious details - but the heartfelt moments and intentionality behind every decision that Carson & Julia made is completely priceless. I cried too many times on this wedding day - I was so greatly moved at many moments. This was a dry wedding, but it was filled with the most joyous people who danced their hearts out! Julia wore her mothers vintage wedding dress, that upon seeing Julia her father cried. Carson & Julia did a first touch instead of a first look, where they shared private vows, prayed together and cried together. You could hear laughter, singing, and prayer in the hallways outisde the getting ready suites. 

In today's standards, this wedding might not be for everyone, but it was by far the most heartfelt and joyous wedding that I have ever been a part of it, and it didn't need anything extra to be that way - just two people madly in love with close friends and family to celebrate with them. 

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