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Nicole & Dylans D.C. Engagement Session

I have always dreamed of shooting a D.C. engagement session! So when Nicole & Dylan found us on Facebook I was beyond excited! After searching far and long for a photo and video team that could capture their wedding in those beautiful light and airy tones that they so longed for, Nicole & Dylan were ready to book! I flew out to D.C. to meet them for the first time and excitedly snapped their engagement pics. We initially wanted to go to the Lincoln Memorial for their session, for those glorious Pinterest worthy shots, but sadly the Lincoln Memorial was under construction and was CRAWLING with tourists. Thankfully, I had scoped out the location earlier in the day - upon seeing the construction I decided to navigate over to the Jefferson Memorial, which was just as equally beautiful and had very few people. Being in D.C. was nostalgic! I stayed at the Willard Intercontinental Hotel, just steps away from the Treasury Department, and spent my free time snapping photos inside my luxury hotel and the streets of D.C. Ricky and I can't wait to fly back this July for their wedding!

D.C. Engagement Session, Jefferson Memorial



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