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Dellwood Barn Wedding | Lauren & Sean

Lauren and Sean’s wedding day at the charming Dellwood Barn was a symphony of emotions, and we had the privilege of being both their photographer and videographer.

Lauren, in her lace gown, radiated joy as she walked down the aisle. Sean’s eyes never left her—their love, palpable. The rolling hills framed their vows, and they spent the evening dancing it away.

I captured candid shots of Lauren and Sean stealing glances, their hands entwined. Outside, guests played lawn games, their laughter blending with the music. The fire pit crackled, and Ricky filmed as they toasted marshmallows.

Lauren and Sean’s wedding wasn’t just an event—it was a canvas of memories, that are forever etched on film. We absolutely loved this day - the connection between these two is simply unmatched.

Venue Details: Dellwood Barn Weddings, a historic gem in Minnesota, with rustic charm and sprawling grounds provided the perfect backdrop for Lauren and Sean’s celebration.


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